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I believe birth is a time of great transformation for the woman and her family.

It requires trust and yielding – and ultimately letting go. 

My role really is to hold space for the woman as she explores her innermost self. 

It is my absolute privilege to be present. 

– Sheryl Sidery

About Sheryl

I am mother and grandmother.

I have been in private practice since 1988, as a solo practitioner and also in a midwifery group practice – the first of its kind in Sydney.

I have also enjoyed working in the public system in a Birth Centre at Royal Hospital for Women for 15 years.
The past 3 years I have established the successful publicly funded homebirth program at the Women’s.

I have come back to private practice as it brings me a great sense of satisfaction and joy.

My daughter Abby is also a midwife and facilitates Birth Circle, (birth and parenting preparation classes.)

She is often the second midwife at homebirths with me.

“Birth matters because the journey through pregnancy and birth offers an irreplaceable way for women to explore their deepest selves – their mind, bodies and nature. Such self-discovery can help prepare them for the often hard and under- appreciated job of motherhood – in a world now full of historically unique and complex challenges. There is a sacred power in the innately feminine capacity of giving birth. It is the only elemental, continuing processes of nature that women have the chance to experience and it is the one act of human creation that is not shared by men. Birth has the potential to be the most empowering experiences of a woman’s life – a new dimension of mind-body awareness.”

– Ina May Gaskin


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